We are specialized in tropical and subtropical areas mainly for the sub-saharan area of West Africa.

Our ambition is to be creative and innovative, through the selection of new high-performance, adapted and homogeneous varieties with yield potential. The aim is to provide varietal solutions that meet the expectations of farmers in tropical areas. Particular attention is paid to the search of resistance to tropical diseases.


We are keen to think outside the box, to try crazy ideas, to explore unconventional, disruptive ideas, certainly using the technical and scientific skills of our research teams, but not only. We do not advocate rectilinear, standardized and purely technical plant research that merely improves old varieties. We bet that ideas coming from all sides, curiosity and intuition of everything in everyone. Group employees or external scientific partners are the assets of our success.

It is a philosophy of life at the service of farmers in tropical countries. For us innovation is not a way to earn more, it is first and foremost a scientific curiosity without taboo or limits. Thus, we can contribute to bring better varieties, innovative for tropical areas while respecting the environment and anticipating future problems: water deficit, soil quality, tolerances to emerging diseases …

Let’s be engaged in plant research and innovation. Let’s not be afraid to change the world for our long-standing partners: tropical farmers.


Ronan Gorin
General Manager of Nova Genetic