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Review of Patrice and Dembélé’s stay in France

The stay took place from August 19 to September 21, 2019. Our time was divided among the different structures: TECHNSEM, SEEDLAB, ARMOR GENETIC and a seed producer who is none other than Édouard BOVE.

As soon as we arrived in TECHNISEM, we visited all the premises, namely SEEDLAB, the various offices, the factory and ARMOR GENETIC. Our guide was Richard, in charge of monitoring the various trials at ARMOR GENETIC station and seed production.

At SEEDLAB, we have done some work, namely onion germination tests on paper soaked in different temperature conditions…

At ARMOR GENETIC, we have helped Richard in setting up nurseries, CV and Research trial plantations. We also visited the fields of some producers in the region who produce seeds for the company.

At Édouard, we worked with his day labourers, Pascal and Gérard, in the plantations, mainly extracting seeds (carrot, lettuce, chicory, leeks) by threshing, harvesting tomatoes and delivering seeds to different structures in the region.

A very rich month, especially in terms of organization.

Review of Patrice and Dembélé’s stay in France
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