Developing new opportunities for Africa with will and imagination

Nova genetic is the french Center of RESEARCH & INNOVATION of the NOVALLIANCE's group. Most of the latest innovations are marketed by the company TECHNISEM.


Our Goal

Bring efficient and well adapted solutions that meet the needs of the producers in tropical areas.


Species the company work with

We have a real expertise on typically african vegetables like the African eggplant, (Jaxatu), the Okra, the bissap, the strictly short day onion, or the Amaranth, but we are also working on worldwide known species.


Our values

  • [cml_media_alt id='228']Puce[/cml_media_alt]  Innovation, by combining scientific curiosity 
  • [cml_media_alt id='228']Puce[/cml_media_alt]  risk taking Openness involving curiosity and listening attention Partnership
  • [cml_media_alt id='228']Puce[/cml_media_alt]  which allow us to be stronger